Make your own wedding dress

“Make your own wedding dress” is the newly launched service which arrived as a result of numerous people who wish to make their own wedding dress or special occasion gown.
Sometimes it’s the bride, mother or a family friend who typically have fairly good sewing skills but need support in some or all aspects of making a gown from beginning to end.
What do I offer?
I offer friendly and individual approach where I help in some or all aspects of creating a gown. That includes looking at initial ideas and inspiration, helping with sourcing fabrics, drafting or correcting the pattern, fitting, and typically most of the time is spent on help with actual finishing, where is the garment is absolutely perfect with French seam and immaculate pin hem, depends on what the garment will require.
It is not only that you would have made your own dress, you would have learnt invaluable skills for your future projects and creating more complex pieces with a lot more confidence.
If you would like to hear more about how I work and packages available please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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